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Classroom Setup
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Convention Room Foyer
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Lounge Area
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Main Lobby Entrance
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Penthouse Foyer
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Sample Hotel Room

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The Crowne Plaza Hotel, the World Airline Road Race's headquarters for Ottawa 2008, the place to be!

The Crowne Plaza Hotel would like to offer World Airline Road Race competitor’s special WARR rate of $135 per night. You can make your reservations on line or by phone. The Crowne Plaza phone number is 1-800-227-0963 or 613-237-3600, EXT 6200. When making your reservations say you are with the 27th Annual World Airline Road Race” group.


Come and pamper yourself.

Just imagine going to see new & old friends at the WARRtering Hole-just press the elevator button.

Registration- just press the elevator button.

Meet & Greet Party- press the elevator button.

T-Shirt Swap Party- just press that elevator button.

Awards Banquet- you know what to do---the elevator button.

You forgot to bring something to one the parties- no problem, the elevator button.

You want a little quiet rest from all the partying or touring- just hit that elevator button.

You would like to freshen up- lightly press the elevator button.

Why walk all over town going back and forth to your hotel room when you can just-select your floor and the elevator takes you there in comfort.


Crowne Plaza Hotel Room amenities



When travelling, it can be difficult to stick with the exercise routine that you're accustomed too. At the Crowne Plaza Hotel we have the recreational facilities and equipment necessary for you to conveniently stick with your routine. Visit our exercise room to tone your body or harden your muscles using free weights. Get a great cardio workout with our stationary bicycle, treadmill and stair master, or, play a game of one on one, our indoor basketball court is at your disposal. After your extensive workout, take a refreshing dip in the pool to cool off. Relax your muscles and let your stress melt away in our soothing sauna.

Equipped with a supply of towels, a water cooler and a television, we have everything your body needs to get in shape, feel better, live longer and be healthier.

Awww- enjoy the World Airline Road Race in style and comfort, time to relax and pamper yourself, you deserve it, and it’s the place to be!