Join Us for the 26th Annual


October 25-28, 2007

Everyone, including airline personnel, their family members and friends, as well as non-airline participants, is invited to join in the
FUN of the 26th annual World Airline Road Race, taking place this year in Sydney, Australia.


Each airline has a Team Captain. They are continuously updated on WARR plans and changes. Please contact your Captain for the latest on WARR activities, accommodation and travel plans. The Team Captain’s Meeting will be held on Friday, 26th October 2007, at Terrace Rooms in Novotel Hotel at 1000 hours. Attendance is limited to one representative per airline, with the exception of the WARR 2008 Host Airline. Team Captains: pick up your Special Team Captains Package at the registration desk.



You may pick up your t-shirt and registration package at the Novotel Darling Harbour Hotel Terrace Rooms during the following hours:

Friday, October 26th at 1000 – 1200 hrs / 1400 – 1600 hrs

Saturday, October 27th at 1000 – 1200 hrs / 1400 – 1600 hrs / 2100 – 2200 hrs

Photo ID is required to pick up Race Packs and Banquet Tickets.



Please advise Barry, the number of WARR’s that you have had the pleasure of

participating in, by sending him an email at .  Also, please let your Team Captain know how many WARR’s you have attended.



The WARRtering Hole will be your hospitality room during your stay in Sydney. Located in the host hotel’s Liquid Bar, it will be a place to stop by and socialize with old airline friends and take the opportunity to meet new ones. Airline lists will be posted with names of all participants. A message board will be available for contacting friends and making team announcements. Information regarding WARR 2007 special events or attractions will be posted. The WARRtering Hole will open at 1400 hours on Thursday, October 25, 2007, and hours of operation will be posted thereafter.



The traditional Get-Acquainted/T-Shirt Swap Party will be held at the Australian National Maritime Museum Darling Harbour, 200 metres from the host hotel on Saturday, October 27, 2007, and is one of the big highlights of WARR week. This pre-race PARTY is an opportunity to renew friendships from previous WARR’s, make new acquaintances, and swap mementos, memorabilia and t-shirts with friends from around the world. Airline teams are all invited to submit a t-shirt design depicting the theme of the current year’s event for judging.  Team Captains please submit your T-shirt at the Team Captain’s Meeting or at Registration prior to Saturday morning’s judging.  A team representative models the team t-shirt and winners of the T-Shirt Contest are announced at this party! Don’t miss this famous social event!



Everyone is encouraged to bring team banners and flags to display at all WARR activities. Please note that restrictions may apply for the hanging of banners and flags at some of the WARR functions and venues. Include plenty of promotional items and mementos from your airline and country to distribute at WARR’s social gatherings. Wear a shirt displaying your team or airline logo during the race. Airline, club, or team merchandise may NOT be sold at WARR functions. We encourage teams that wish to sell items to do so in their own hospitality suites. Please invite other teams to drop by and socialize.



Enjoy a great dinner while PARTYING to the theme of "Dining Under The

Southern Cross", where you all can be stars for a night.

There will be plenty of music and dancing in the Sydney Convention Centre,

200 metres from the host hotel on Sunday, October 28, 2007. This is always

a SOLD-OUT WARR event, so get your tickets early. Who knows, maybe you will take home an Award.


Everyone who purchases a Gala Dinner Ticket will receive a family pass

to the Australian National Maritime Museum Darling Harbour worth AUD 64

dollars.  With this pass you will be able to see over 4 ships including

the replica of the "Endeavour"



Our Special World Airline Road Race Sydney 2007 T-Shirt



Our Special Commemorative Medal (one medal only)



Please copy this brochure before sending in your entry form so others may learn about WARR.



WARR will operate in a smoke-free environment at all sponsored and official events.


Over 180 trophies will be presented in male and female categories for team, overall and age groups for active and retired airline employees. There is also a non-airline category with individual overall trophies for male and female in both races, as well as a non-airline team award. WARR does not provide postage to send awards to winners not present at the Awards Banquet unless an exchange is required.



There are four Travel and Participation Trophies. These are the Grand Prizes, as they require maximum airline and team effort. Categories are based on the size of the airline.

Category A..…..............................Over 20,000 employees

Category B...................................8,001 to 20,000 employees

Category C...................................2,001 to 8,000 employees

Category D................................... 2,000 employees or less

(Size as listed in the current World Aviation Directory)



This trophy rewards the airlines and teams that make a major effort to organize and travel to the race. Scoring is based on each airline team and the distance from that airline’s headquarters to the race site.



This trophy rewards airline participation and running effort. Scoring is based on each runner’s place. If both races are run, the highest finish place will count.



Each race will have individual trophies for overall Open and Masters, then in 5- year age groups for men and women, 1st to 3rd, with the exception being 10K Under 24, Men & Women which is 1st & 2nd only. No individual may win more than one trophy per race.



Each race will have team trophies for 1st through 5th for Men Open & Masters and 1st through 3rd for Women’s Open and Masters. (Masters are age group 40 and over on race day).



Awards will be presented for the Americas, European, Pacific and Afro-Asia Divisions, and for the best team T-shirt design. To honor our generous

Sponsors and non-airline volunteers, some members of this select group are chosen to be judges for the T-Shirt Design Contest and results of the T-Shirt

Judging is based solely on their voting.


RACE DAY  - Sunday, October 28, 2007

10K     06:00 - Start & Finish at Tumbalong Park Darling Harbour

5K       07:45 - Start & Finish at Tumbalong Park Darling Harbour

Both races start and finish at the Tumbalong park. 

Chip time ranking system will be used for time keeping.

5K walkers should maintain a minimum pace of 10 minutes per kilometre.

Visit the WARR 2007 Web Site including racecourse details

Race Course:



Because of the size of the volunteer staff, and our desire to keep fees down, we are not able to acknowledge the receipt of your entry form.

Entry Forms MUST be postmarked no later than September 21, 2007.

Submit your entries at the Registration Room if your entry misses this postal deadline.

Entries without payment included will be held until race week and charged the late fee.

Please do NOT send cash.


Registration can also be made on line by clicking on the icon on the WARR website


The entry fee if postmarked by September 7 is USD 40.00

The entry fee if postmarked between September 8 and September 21 is USD 45.00

The 26 and 27 October entry fee at the registration desk is USD 50.00

There is NO Race day Registration.

Due to the extensive financial commitments we must make, we are unable to refund race entry fees. Dinner fees will be refunded if requested by September 18, 2007. There is a $5.00 handling fee on refunds.

Your cancelled check/cheque is your receipt.



For early bird entry from overseas WARRiors we have 100 Lonely Planet Travel books, “A Guide to Sydney”. So enter early to be in the running for one of these books. They will be available at registration or at the Sydney International Terminal at arrivals if you arrive during an airport meet and greet timing.



Race Handbook - Entry to Hospitality Suite (WARRtering hole) - WARR 2007

“Run the Harbour, Downunder” t-shirt - Participation 10K and/or 5K races - Over 180 awards - Your Race Results - Entry to t-shirt Party - Contribution to local charity - Lasting friendships from around the world.



The WARR 2007 Headquarters Hotel is the Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour. Accor Hotels would like to offer World Airline Road Race competitor’s special WARR rates in 3, 4 and 5 star hotels. To check rates and reserve a room, WARR participants can visit the WARR 2007 website. The Novotel phone number is

+612 9934000


Categorizing and Scoring for WARR


(Employed by Airline, Ground Handling Company, Aircraft Parts Suppliers, Airline Subsidiaries)

1. When you complete your entry form, please indicate which company you work for.  If you are a retiree, please indicate the company you flew/worked for previously.

2. Airline employees/retirees will automatically be added to their respective companies for scoring



(Family member/friends to a participant in the airline category, anyone not employed in the airline industry, sponsor participants)

1 If you are a family member or friend accompanying an Airline Employee, please enter which airline they work for on your entry form.  Your score will still be reflected in the Non-Airline Category, but you will be associated with that Airline for Registration purposes.

2.  If you are an Associate (Sponsor Participant) participating in WARR, please indicate which company you are with (i.e. Amadeus).



We are pleased to announce that Qantas Airways has authorized a special WARR airfare.


This is designed for WARRiors who are registered for WARR and do not have access to an interline agreement with Qantas or do not work for an airline that flies into Australia.   This will be available to non-airline WARRiors and accompanying family members provided they are registered and have paid for their WARR entry.


The airfare is based on a ZH airfare at the rate listed on the WARR website and is based on Mileage travelled.


Please note all fares are sector based. This means if you fly Los Angeles to Sydney, that is one fare. If you want to fly New York to Los Angeles to Sydney, that is treated as 2 sectors or trips and is priced accordingly. (You may need to re-check-in at LAX)

A list of Qantas routes is available at 


Please note the fare is not available on codeshare or Jetstar flights. Also there are local airport taxes and a fuel surcharge. For example a Los Angeles to Sydney one-way fare will look like this:

 US$150.00 plus fuel surcharge of AU$35 and US taxes of AU$77.67 today but this may change nearer the travel date.


Fares will be valid for October and November 2007 and will be available for sale commencing mid-July. Refunds will only be for full tickets.


More details are available both the WARR site and the Sydney Website


WARR Sydney 2007 Airfare operating instructions


  1. This fare is available only to those who have registered and paid for WARR 2007 where they don’t have access to an interline agreement with Qantas.
  2. Any participants whose airline has an interline agreement with Qantas Airways will need to access that agreement. If in doubt, ask your airline staff travel Department.
  3. Qantas Airways is a participant in the ZED fares, so most airlines will be entitled to ZM fares - refer to your airline staff travel dept.
  4. Access to this fare is by completing the WARR airfare form on the WARR web site.
  5. Bookings will open 19 July 2007 and close 14 October 2007.
  6. Ticketing will occur 1 August 2007 until 14 October 2007.
  7. Travel will be valid for 1 month prior to WARR and 1 month afterwards - that is, for the month of October and November 2007
  8. Email your request after 19 July 2007 to the WARR email address Warrairfare@iinet, where the WARR airfare Coordinators, Leslie and Carmen will verify your registration and pass your travel request to Qantas Staff travel. (Please await more instructions)
  9. Qantas Staff travel will issue an e- ticket against your credit card including taxes and fuel surcharge. (These are subject to change
  10. A refund is available if travel has not commenced, but we strongly recommend you take out appropriate travel insurance.
  11. An email will be forwarded with your e-ticket details by Qantas staff travel to the email address you nominate
  12. The WARR web site will contain details of travel opportunities during the October period and FAQ.
  13. If you want domestic travel, please indicate that at the time of booking. Otherwise we suggest you check out the or websites where everyday low fares are available.
  14. The fare to be paid is the ZH fare level (refer below) plus all appropriate taxes and charges (fuel levies) to be paid by the passenger.
  15. Currently fuel surcharge is AUD 35 for international and AUD 22 for domestic but are subject to change
  16. Taxes will vary depending on port and direction of travel
  17. All travel will be on a "space available" basis only.
  18. All travel will be in Economy Class only. 
  19. Travel on codeshare or Jetstar flight is not permitted.                                
  20. Once booked and once ticketed, no routing or itinerary changes are permitted (date change would be ok
  21. If in doubt, Qantas interline staff travel conditions apply.
  22. Qantas reserves the right to take certain routes off sale if the number of bookings received is in excess of the potential available capacity of that route.
  23. Qantas requires staff to list for flights so please advise preferred flights on the booking form (coming in June) If you wish to change your listing please ring
  24. Overseas: your local Qantas number:  Http:// or in Australia Qantas Staff travel on 02 8303 4444
  25. For any queries, email your question to