T-Shirt Contest

T-shirt Design Contest Rules

Contest Rules pic 1


1. The design should include the airline name and/or logo.
2. The shirt should be a representation of the current WARR.
3. The shirt may be Long or Short sleeve, or Singlet.
4. Printing may be on the front, back, or both.
5. One adult Large or Medium is to be submitted to Becky Johnson at Registration and prior to the T-shirt Swap Party. This shirt will be distributed to people in the Host country, as a show of  gratitude for assisting with our Event.
6. Judging will be by a panel of non-partisan, non-airline judges. The judges will award points for color scheme, representation of the airline, representation of the WARR theme, and artistic appeal.
7. Modeling of the shirts will be by a team member at the T-Shirt Swap Party following the announcement of the top 3 shirts.
8. Please include a briefly explanation of the meaning and significance of the t-shirt design.


Judging will take place typically on the afternoon, before the T-Shirt Swap Party. The scoring and judging will take place after all the shirts have been presented to Becky Johnson the Director of the T-shirt design contest.

The main intent of this award is to encourage team spirit and have a good time.