Vancouver Banff
Tour Code:TB010
Heading east from Vancouver£¬we will take a short stop at one of the major ginseng farm of North America in Kamloops. Next we will visit the ¡°Last Spike¡± monument that tells the story of the coast to coast railroad assembling in 1885£¬and then we will arrive at Golden to rest for the night.
The first stop of the day is the Yoho National Park£¬which you will see the amazing Natural Bridge & Emerald Lake. Then we will travel along the Icefield Parkway to the amazing Columbia Icefield£¬where we will take the all-terrain Snocoach to actually step on the glacier for an once-in-a-lifetime memory. Tonight£¬we will check in at the Mount Royal Hotel at the heart of Banff£¬you can enjoy the unique of this mountain town at your own relaxing pace.
In the morning£¬we will head toward the world renowned Banff National Park£¬where we will ride the gondola to the top of the Sulphur Mountain to experience the immensity of the Rocky Mountains. Then we will have a chance to stroll along Lake Louise to experience an upclose view to this strikingly beautiful lake. In the afternoon we will visit the Glacier National Park£¬which is also known as the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem. Finally£¬we will stay the night at a beautiful lakeshore resort in Salmon Arm.
On this last day of the trip£¬we will start off with a refreshing stroll along the Shuswap lakeside£¬and then we will head to Lake Okanagan and see if you can spot the mystery lake creature£¬Ogopogo. Finally£¬we will arrive back to Vancouver in the late afternoon and end this breathtaking four day scenery tour.