Many opportunities were provided to WARR participants to experience the beauty, culture and leisure lifestyle of Ottawa. An exciting tour opportunities were offered before, during, and after the WARR.
Many short and longer distance group tours were arranged for delegates and accompanying persons, before, during and after the WARR. Individual or group custom tours were also made available to delegates upon request.

TB001: Thousand IslandsTour 1Day TB002: Thousand Islands & Upper Canada Village Tour TB003: Wakefield Steam Train 1Day
From: $49 From: $49 From: $48
TB004: New York / Washington DC / Atlantic City Four Days TB005: New York City Two Days TB006: New York City Three Days
From: $209 From: $129 From: $199
TB007: Montreal City Tour 1Day TB008: Vancouver Victoria 3 day TB009: Vancouver 6 days / 7 days
From: $49 From: $288 From: $680
TB010: Vancouver Banff