Dear Warriors, what is ready for you in PRG:


1/ Train Meet and Greet to Česky Sternberk castleSOLD OUT.

 The tickets for those listed UNDER (Meet & Greet Train Passengers) will be given to them entering at 07:15, the 16th September, the FANTOVA KAVARNA /café/ of HLAVNI NADRAZI /Wilson- Main- train station/. Get the Map of PRG, Map of subway- RED LINE METRO stop HLAVNI NADRAZI- and all necessary INFO at WARR counter in ARR HALL of A/P. The counter is open from 12 - 17 September with written or spoken INFO.




2/ WELCOME TO PRAHA PARTY  (you could also call it “MEET & GREET II”)

Come and see your airline friends!

Meet & Greet II at the U ROTTA RESTAURACE

Friday, September 17, from 19:00 – 23:00 with unlimited drinks, (beer, wine, soft-drinks), price 300 CZK,


3/ Boat river cruise with beer and ice cream and hot drinks  -DEP every day from entry of Charles Bridge from 10,30 till cca 20,oo any time. Discounted WARR price tickets for 240 crowns you can buy at WARR counter at A/P or U Rotta in hospitality lounge from Alena. NO RESERVATIONS required.


4/ River boat cruises, lunch or dinner with music cruises you can choose from EVD folding at WARR counter or in U Rotta hospitality lounge. Discounted WARR price you will get showing your WARR Name Label. NO RESERVATIONS, but sometimes sold out. Better buy your tkts early. DEP from Na Frantisku embakment at htl INTERCONTINENTAL 7 min walking distance by Paris St. directly from Old Town Sq. /registration place/.


5/ Excursions to half a day KUTNA HORA-UNESCO world heritage, full day KARLOVY VARY spa or others you can choose from MARTIN TOUR folding with WARR discount tkt. At WARR counter or U Rotta hospitality lounge.


6/ Black Light Theatre reserved for WARR 15 &16 SEPT. GROSSMANN Th. 20:00 hr

  capacity limited, but still available. Special WARR price show your WARR Name Label for 400 crowns. RESERVATIONS

                                                          fax Nr +420 235 35 33 93


7/ Opera RESERVATIONS till 10 AUG only. Than if available.

Concerts RESERVATIONS  permanently 11 SEP 20:00 hr Municipal Palace

             Smetana Hall, Requiem, Mozart

                                                 20 SEP 20:00 hr Municipal Palace

             Sladkovskeho Hall, The best of Gershwin /Rhapsody in Blue


                                                  21 SEP  20:00 hr Municipal Palace

             Smetana Hall, Carmina Burana, Carl Orff

info at WARR counter or U Rotta hospitality lounge  


8/ Folcloric dinner in Municipal Palace, unlimited  wine, beer, soft drinks. Price 900 crowns.


9/ Folcloric performance /real folcloric bohemian and moravien national , costumes, 10 dancers, 7 musicians/ in Theatre of htl PYRAMIDA.

WARR discounted price 220 crowns or 15 EUR to be payd to Mr TRNKA at entry to the performance lounge only to get the discount. / Not in the htl reception!!/ Show your WARR Name Label. Tickets also at WARR counter or U Rotta from Alena. RESERVATIONS very required. Still places available.

 or fax Nr +420 235 35 33 93


10/ Aviation Museum, Technical Museum, Lapidarium-original statues- very interesting. Alphons Mucha s Museum -art nouveau paintings etc get all info at WARR counter at A/P arrival hall after immigration/customs control.



Groschens Praguensis were used in 13th century in all Europe. They were minted in Kutna Hora - in that time second most important town after Prague because of silver mines.

In 15th century the medieval dollar was there minted. How is looking an antecedent of a dollar, everybody can see in this UNESCO listed historical town - Kutna Hora.

The Warriors will visit St Barbara cathedral, a patron of miners and minters and an ossuary with coats of arm and chandeliers made of bones. And a cemetery with Saint Earth from Jerusalem /13th century/.

Everybody interested has to collect at WARR counter or U Rotta the 4 U

SD /100 crowns/ discount ticket which is offered by Martin Tour for 1/2 day excursion. In the folder it is Tour Nr 10 for 800, - crowns, but for WARRiors only 700, - crowns.


12/ PROFI TAXI driver s name and car number in their computer. Introduce yourself as a WARRIOR: protection-against overcharging.


13/ In the WARRtering hole ‘hospitality room’ will be sold a typical Czech souvenir folkloric doll for a special discounted WARR price.