RUNWAYS TO OTTAWA  – March 29, 2008





Message from Barry

We remember 1994

Handy Hints




Welcome to this the first newsletter to keep you informed of news items to wet your appetite and to prepare you for the event that will be the 27th running of the World Airline Road Race. Firstly we can’t go on without thanking Neil and his team from Qantas for hosting such a well-organized race and introducing this excellent format of communication, enabling the organizing committee to update you to what is happening on the WARR front. To enable us to include more WARR happenings you are invited to send information, challenges and any other WARR related articles for possible inclusion in future editions.


Message from Barry, for Team Captains

This section will contain a regular message from Barry for team captains. Can all team captains please send any outstanding forms, from the team captains meeting in Sydney to Barry by mid April.


WARR 2008 - Ottawa

Hello All,

It is with great anticipation and excitement that we move from Europe and Australia to another continent to experience the Canadian way and where better than the Great Canadian North, where we last visited 14 years ago.  I can still remember it like yesterday when several of my SAA team mates and a lot of WARRiors misread a sign and nearly got it right. The sign was on a billboard near the airport and it read: ”Drink Canada Dry”. They took this as a challenge and instruction and very nearly succeeded, needed 1 more day.


WARR Team Captain

As you all know each airline and non airline team are being represented by a Team Captain, whose responsibilities amongst other things are, communication with the WARR organising Committees, keep you updated, recruit new runners and promote WARR. If you do not know whom your Team Captain is, let me know and I will forward you the contact details. Team Captains are a very important part of WARR and they need you, as much as the WARR organisation needs them to promote and grow our event.


WARR Veterans

Recognition is given to all WARRiors who have achieved WARR Veteran Status and to reach this goal you should have participated and finished a specified number of WARRs namely, 10, 15, 20 and 25. Anything before 10 does not count, 11 to 14 also does not count as with 16 to 19 and 21 to 24. Your Team Captain has been contacted numerous times to supply me with the information. You are more than welcome to contact me direct with your information that would be the year participated, as well as the approximate finish time of the races you ran in.


Questions and Answers

My position on the International Committee of the World Airline Road Race entails Team Captains and WARR Veterans and I invite you to contact me if you have any questions.

That’s about it for now,



Barry de Kock -


World Airline Road Race Ottawa – Update No.1

The World Airline Road Race Committee have a booking in place for the Awards/Gala dinner at the Headquarters Hotel the Crowne Plaza.


We Remember 1994

Ottawa hosted WARR in October 1994; the race started in front of Parliament Hill and ran around to Hull, a scenic vantage point overlooking the Ottawa river and finished at the Eternal Flame on Parliament Hill. The T-Shirt Swap & Gala dinner were at the Civic Centre.


Handy Facts

You do not have to buy water, drink it straight from the tap. Beer is also available on tap, but at several specialized venues, in and around town but at a price.

Do remember to advise your team members to take out travel and medical insurance.

No matter who we are, we are still bound by the laws of the country and city we are visiting.



Check on the Canadian Government website as to which countries requires visas. As we get more information we will also update and advise.



Generally not required unless you come from a yellow fever area. (Africa, South America, etc.)



As with all countries we have visited before there are certain restricted and banned items. More information on this in later editions of the newsletter.



15% for good service


Duty Free Allowance:

Again here were are bound by the laws of the country and we all take chances as to what we take with to WARR, either as the magic ingredient for a fast run, or to save some money. Customs are only doing their duty and we are expected to stay within the restrictions.  More on the Customs in a later edition.



110v and plugs are similar to the USA



These are everywhere, but take note of charges that will be levied.



Refer to this website for current exchange rates:



There is a 5% GST.



We have supplied information as best we can source it you should check out the facts you rself and not rely entirely on our information.


Canada: Things Uniquely Canadian

Red and White flag, wonderful fall colors. Think in terms of your winning design for the T-Shirt swap as to how you can include and incorporate the colors of Canada, the time of year and season as well as the scenes sights and sounds of Ottawa.



Next Issue April:


SHotel booking information

How to volunteer



Well that’s about it for the first edition of Runways to WARR Ottawa 2008, remember, you are WARR and without you WARR is a non starter.