This Month’s Featured WARRior!

Featured WARRior!

Francisco Tames Suarez Del Real - Volaris

I did not ever imagine how WARR was going to be part of our life. Thats why each year we try not to miss one. The most important trick to participate in WARR is booking your companies vacation for WARR. Many people have trouble participating because did not coordinate their vacations for WARR. I have seen this for many years. Thats really the secret. Airlines are very strict to change your yearly vacations for crew members. The rest of planing is a peace of cake.


I have track of every WARR since 1991 and always made a photo album of each WARR we participate and gave our CEO a copy and I kept another copy.


For 19 years of flying for Aero California back in La Paz, Baja California Sur, each year we return from WARR the three local newspapers in La Paz, print out 2 full pages of our Aero California Running Club and cover all the story and photos. Back then we had 2 runners who always won in the 5 and 10k and more headlines in the sports section. They also published the photos where I was giving the Mayor of the city a gift from my country.


Our electronic employee news send photos of each WARR we participate and this has help me making my team bigger. Each year I plan to take more and more runners. I always tell people, I don't want olympic runners, I need runners to participate and enjoy running. This is healthy for the employees and for the airlines to have healthy people and have less sick in calls.


I have 2 captains who lost 22kg with nutrition and running and that is exactly our goal.


My wife has gone with me to WARR since SFO 1991 and started participated in WARR back in Durban 1995. She later ran with me LAX,LAS and Mazatlan marathons. This is the best thing we have done in our marriage. They same thing with our sons. The only condition we took them to WARR was that they had to run the 5k and they agree. Now they are both runners and Rodrigo a airline employee now.


I send our CEO a Volaris t-shirt every year. 


We have so much memories in all our WARRs. I always book 15 days of vacations so we can continue holidays after WARR ends.


Back in Chicago after WARR my wife and I spent a whole day at the Navy Pier and the City Bus tour.


I will now have even more time to coordinate WARR each year. I will give simulator instruction to keep my mind busy.


Best regards