Award Categories

Award Categories

How Race Results are Scored at WARR

(subject to change)

Trophy List


Each race will have individual trophies for overall Open
In 10 year age groups for men and women, 1st to 3rd
Exception 10K Under 19, Men & Women 1st & 2nd only

Individual Age Group Awards - Under 30, 31-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, Over 70



-Women Overall - (39 years old and younger are considered)
-Men Overall
-Non-Airline Men
-Non-Airline Women
-Non-Airline Men and Women Masters - (40 years old and older are considered)
-Non-Airline Men and Women Overall (39 years and younger)

If a runner wins an award in any of the Individual Overall, he/she will not qualify to win an award in the Age group category. No individual may win more than one trophy per race.


There will be only overall award for Non-Airline category and no age group award.



Chip time is another way of saying "net time," or the actual amount of time it takes a runner to go from the starting line of a race to the finish line.  Race bibs with a timing chip or tag (called a B-Tag) attached to the front or back of the race bib. As you move across a special mat at the starting line, the chip registers that you've started the race. Then, as you cross the finishing line, the chip registers that you've finished the race.  This means the amount of time that it takes you to reach the starting line (since most people are not right at the front of the race) doesn't count in your overall time. Your chip time is different than your "gun time," which is the amount of time it took you to finish the race from the moment the gun (or horn) went off. As a result, runners at the start can line up where it's appropriate for their pace, instead of trying to push their way to the front.




Travel Award -  based on most employees participating, per airline in each of the categories: A, B, C, D.


Airline Categories are based on the size of the airline:

Category A…………… Over 20,000 employees

Category B…………… 8,001 to 20,000 employees

Category C…………… 2,001 to 8,000 employees

Category D…………… 2,000 employees or less



If a person retires and his airline is still operating that person still runs and scores for his airline.

If the airline goes out of business and the person is retired they can still run under the old name.

If the airline goes out of business and/or is purchased by another airline or returns under a new name then all will run under the new name including retirees.


Below is a list of the 130 awards presented at the Awards Ceremony the evening after the race.